Why join FreeBidFinder.com

1. Unlimited monthly leads

There is no limit to the amount of leads you can receive from FreeBidFinder. Each lead is sent directly to you via email when your company is selected by the Home Owner.

2. It's Free

All Service Providers can join for free. There is not a monthly fee or a fee to receive a lead or percent of the job fee or any other fees, It is 100% Free.

3. Fair Rating System

Consumers are encouraged to rate their experience with the Service Providers. This helps the good Service Providers separate themselves from the bad Service Providers. There is also an option for Service Providers to respond to the consumer comments and the Service Provider can also work with FreeBidFinder to have any unjust reviews removed.

4. Exact Services Provided

In FreeBidFinder.com you sign up for the exact services and sub-services that you provide. When you receive a lead it will already be perfectly matched to the services you provide in the areas you want to work in.

5. More Exposure, More Leads

When you join FreeBidFinder you can list your website (One way to drive more traffic to your website through online searches, such as Google, is to have more links from other sites to yours). You can also list your other contact information. In many cases the consumers who use FreeBidFinder will not submit a bid request. They simply use FreeBidFinder as a tool to list Service Providers in their area performing the service they are looking for. By providing your website and contact info you might be providing all the info a consumer needs to contact you directly, without getting other bids.